Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Series 1 Ch. 3

Gardevoir was silent for a moment, then asked, "Can we stop in Goldenrod? I need to talk to someone there, if he's still there..."

Mewtwo looked at her. "Bill?"

"Yeah... I kinda need to get Cecil's old Pokémon out of the Storage System, but I don't know how to work it..."

Mewtwo nodded. "I understand."

A few hours later, the two Psychic-types approached the city.

"Meet me back here," Mewtwo muttered. "Humans don't like me, and I don't like them."

Gardevoir entered Bill's parents' house.

Bill looked up. "Howdy, you're Cecil's Sirknight, am I right?"

Gardevoir, for what seemed like the hundredth time, growled "Don't call me by my foreign name. It's 'Gardevoir', got it?"

Bill wasn't surprised. "Got it, Sirknight. How is Cecil, anyway?"

Gardevoir quickly explained the situation.

"Alright... I'll release 'em in a bit." Bill muttered surprised.

"Thanks," Gardevoir said walking out.

"Hey, Garde? Um... I'm sorry about your trainer."

"I am too..." she thought as she left the building.

A few hours later, the two were at the bottom of the Cerulean Cave. "Um... I'll be over here..." Gardevoir muttered to Mewtwo, and quickly clambered into a corner, leaving him to think.

"She seems very upset about her trainer..." he thought inwardly. "I wish I could cheer her up..."

Gardevoir was crying her heart out over in the corner. She was useless, she couldn't even defend her own Trainer... She slammed her head on the wall. "I'm pitiful," she growled to herself, her crimson eyes full with tears. "I can't do anything right..."

Mewtwo walked over to the crying human-like creature. "Is there anything I can do to help you...?" he asked quietly.

"Not unless you can travel time and change the past," Gardevoir muttered.

The anthromorphic cat could tell she was slowly losing her will to live. "Well... Um... If there's anything-"

"Save your breath," the young Psychic-type snapped, "you and I both know there's nothing we can do..."

"I didn't mean to help stop your trainer from dying... I meant to help you."

Gardevoir stared at him. It was unusual for Mewtwo, of all people, to show emotion, let alone care about someone. "W-Well... I g-guess y-y-you could just stay here to keep me company..." she stammered after a few moments. She wanted to say something else, but it wouldn't come out...

The feline nodded. "I can do that, it's what I do anyway," he remarked.

"Th-thanks..." Gardevoir sniffed.

The two were interrupted by a small grunt.

"Great, HE's awake," Mewtwo muttered.

Before Gardevoir could ask what he was talking about, a small pink cat-like creature zoomed over, floating in the air.

"Hi bro!" Mew yelped to his technically-younger-brother.

Mewtwo grimaced. "Hello, Mew. Awake, I see?" he growled.

"I woke up 'cuz I felt another Psychic-type besides us come in." The DNA Pokemon turned to Gardevoir. "Oh, I see," he said, surpressing laughter.

"I'm sorry, but WHAT do you see?" the human-like Psychic-type inquired the highest-numbered Kanto Pokemon, tilting her head in confusion.

"Oh, nothing," he quickly muttered. "I'll be grabbing Berries, Mewtwo."

A few moments after Mew flew out, Mewtwo sighed. "That was Mew, my... Technically OLDER brother."

After a few moments, Gardevoir muttered "Well he seems to be really nice..."

Mewtwo laughed half-heartedly. "Don't let his cutesy appearance fool you. He gets really annoying, you'd do well to avoid him."

"Eh... I'll just trust you," Gardevoir muttered. She had learned that even if someone looked friendly, they could be a real pain in the-

"Well... I'll be upstairs training." Mewtwo went up a floor in the cave, leaving Gardevoir to herself.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Series 1 Ch. 2

Mewtwo had always had a soft spot for this particular Gardevoir, ever scince she was a Kirlia.

She didn't know that, so when she saw the artificial Pokemon, she tried to Teleport away. "Curses," she muttered, "out of energy for it."

"Are you afraid of me?" the cat asked curiously.

"Yes I'm afraid of you!" she cried out.

He couldn't blame her, after all he had done in the past. "Look, I'm not here to hurt you," he said, noting the tears running down the human-like Pokemon's face.

"H-How am I su-supposed to b-believe th-that?" she stammered out of fear.

Mewtwo sighed. Why was it always like this whenever he spoke to other Pokemon? "Why have you been crying?" he said, eager to change the subject.

"T-Team G-G-Galactic just k-k-killed my t-t-trainer," she muttered, trying to keep her emotions in check. She didn't want to seem weak in front of such a powerful Pokemon.

"Cecil was killed? How?"

"I-I-I don't kn-kn-know exactly... But... I think I heard a C-C-Clefairy use Spacial R-R-Rend..." she said, barely keeping in tears.

Mewtwo lowered his head. "And they spared you?"

"Not exactly... Well... They originally came to recruit him... They threatened to kill me if he didn't... But Cecil told me to Teleport away, that he would be..." she broke off, she couldn't keep herself from crying.

Mewtwo looked at the graceful Pokemon for a few moments. "Well... We can only hope that he may have survived." It was beyond hope, but he needed some way to comfort her... He couldn't see her in distress like this.

Gardevoir closed her eyes - she had Lifesight - and started crying again. "N-N-Nothing..." she said between sobs.

Mewtwo silently cursed at himself. All he did was make it worse.

Gardevoir collapsed onto her knees. "I guess I knew it would happen... I hope that Arceus judges him well... Everything he did, was for me, or for someone else... Including dying..." She sobbed harder.

Mewtwo tried to think of some way to cheer her up. "Well, if that's true, then he's defnitely going to be judged well," he said firmly.

Gardevoir looked up at him, her eyes puffy and red. "Are you sure?" she inquired.

"I'm... Positive." he said, although he was no such thing.

"Thank you, Mewtwo... You've lessened the blow this struck me..." She got up, tears flowing at a less steady rate.

The cat sighed. At least this cheered her up a small bit. "Erm... What will you be doing now?"

Gardevoir thought for a moment, then spoke. "I don't think it's safe to go home... for now. Can I stay with you for a while?"

Mewtwo was taken aback by the request. "I suppose..." he muttered without thinking.

"Thank you," she muttered. She needed to be alone, and Mewtwo was generally so quiet, it was like being alone. Gardevoir looked up. "Shall we head to your cave?"

"Yes, unless you want to be caught in a storm," the cat said glancing at the cloudy sky.

Mewtwo wondered if Gardevoir felt the same about him, as he did about her.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Series 1 Chapter 1

"Don't worry about me, just go," he had pleaded. "I'll live."
It wasn't true.
He had died to save her.

The Gardevoir went over the memory again, like she had countless times. She sighed sadly, crying. Her trainer had raised her since she had hatched and was a Ralts. He protected her, comforted her, and did anything he could for her.
And it cost him his life.

It was a normal weekday morning. Like always, Gardevoir and Cecil had woken up, had breakfast, and the usual morning buisness - picking the Berries off the Oran, Leppa, and Razz bushes from the backyard, burying 1 of each, and so on. But Team Galactic couldn't ever leave a person alone - they had pestered him with requests to join them, all of them declined - and they came. They said that if he didn't join them, then they would take Gardevoir. He told her to escape - she hadn't forgotten Teleport - and that he would survive. He didn't account for the fact that the Grunts had brought Clefairy with Metronome, which ended up using Spacial Rend.

Gardevoir jumped when she sensed another powerful Psychic Pokemon suddenly appear. She was even more shocked that it wasn't just any Psychic-type - it was Mewtwo.